Review of Killzone 2 by Playstation 3


Killzone 2, developed by Guerrilla Games and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is the third installment in a series of innovative first-person shooters available on PS3. Killzone 2 was put on store shelves in February of 2019. This is a fun videogame to play after winning some บาคาร่า online. 

Players of the game with find themselves in the shoes of Thomas Sevchenko, a veteran soldier belonging to a resistance group called the “Legion” whose aim is to take down an invading force called the Helghast led by their evil leader Scolar Visari. In the game, your mission is to invade the enemy’s home world of Helghan and destroy the threat before it becomes too powerful to stop

Gamers are given both single player campaign modes along with multiplayer options that give the game a depth that creates a strong replay value that has become the expected norm with first person shooters today. One particular aspect of the game that makes it so fun is it’s “lean and peek” option-formally seen in games like Dark Sector-which really adds to the realistic aspect of simulated warfare. Also, aside from the run-and-gun gameplay, players are also given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of two vehicles: The tank, and another powerful machine called “The Exoskeleton”.

For multiplayer, the lean and peek option was removed for more fair gameplay, and players are given not only the option of playing on the side of good or evil-but also have among 7 separate specialized classes of characters to choose from.

To keep the replay value going, the developers of Killzone 2 have offered three additional map packs to expand the online play options, including a final map bundle which includes all the previously offered maps in earlier packs. The downloadable content extends past more maps to include two weapons previously only found in multiplayer campaigns: The boltgun and the flamethrower. Not only that, the online play gives gamers the opportunity to earn trophies that broadens the scope of the game play to give gamers incentives for winning and performing particular tasks.

The game as a whole is rich with action and incredibly enveloping with a beautifully futuristic environment full of strange weapons, insane enemies, and incredible graphics that can support up to 1080i resolutions. But I’m not the only one who has good things to say about this game. Gamespy gave the game a 4.5/5 while the Official Playstation Magazine-from Australia, to the UK, and the US-has given the game exemplary ratings.

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