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The Evolution of Covid-19 In India at 2020

2019–20 coronavirus pandemic - Coronavirus disease 2019

The news updates are very essential for a person to know and be aware of what is happening in our surroundings. The information regarding to the current events are known as News. There are different elements which are used to convey the news to the audience. Some of the medium through which the information is communicated are through speech, via print, via post, broadcasting through television and radio, and through observers.

Latest News:

As per the news of 20 October 2020,

  • Number of cases recorded was 867,780. Then the count of 25,169 is the active cases. Bengaluru’s total cases are recorded as 360,587. People those who are recovered from covid cases recorded as 338,688 till date.
  • The cases of corona virus have exceeded the count 90 lakh.
  • Bihar education minister Mewa Lal Choudhary resigned because of the sharp criticism from the opposition.
  • PM Modi decided to attend the petroleum university’s convocation virtually on Saturday.
  • The capital of India, New Delhi has been witnessed the cold conditions. The temperature was recorded less than 10 degrees. It is said to be a below normal according to the expert working in the private weather forecasting agency Skymet Weather. According to the weather climate in Delhi, 7.4 degrees Celsius is the lowest temperature in the month of November in the history of last 14 years.
  • Maharashtra is taking all precautionary measures to avoid the situation of covid, which was encountered by the Delhi state before.
  • Supreme Court generates the order that alternate medicines can be given to boost immunity and not to cure covid.
  • All residents in the village of Himachal Pradesh tests covid-19 positive. They restrict tourist movement at present. They have announced it as a containment zone and the tourists are not allowed inside the Lahaul villages.
  • The Farmers are protesting against agriculture laws to proceed to the highway route to Delhi on November 26.

Benefits of Reading News:

News reading increases our knowledge and creates the awareness of what is happening in and around across the world. It helps to keep the person stay connected with the environment. Reading adds strength to our language skills and helps to enhance our vocabulary. Reading daily News gives us the awareness about what is happening in and around the world. It is good to know about everything that is happening around.
The diseases like Covid-19 can be prevented by taking all the preventions. People must be safe in their homes by taking all the necessary actions to be safe and prevent the disease from attacking them. Eating nutritious food can also help in the improvement.

Latest discoveries:

It is important to be an active connected citizen to our country. Also ensure to be a responsible and involving person for the growth of our country. Knowing about the latest discoveries and the inventions leads to get a good discovery of our knowledge and by this activity we can constantly be updated and involved to this society. People can improve their knowledge by knowing about new inventions.

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