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In general, facilities provided by car are all impossible in two-wheelers and three-wheelers. You can also get escape from the bad weather conditions because the cars are made by a steel cage and also your properties and luggage will be saved by having a door, windows and roofs. In the late 18th century there will be a steam engine which is based on the wagons attached to automobiles at that time. Due to the use of the steam engine, it is very heavy therefore the wagon was very hard to control and also it is slow. In the late 19th century faster and best cars are introduced.

Fuels used in the cars:

Fuel is a must for the car to work in a perfect manner. The fuel which is commonly used is petrol. In America, petrol is otherwise known as gasoline. But nowadays most of the cars use ethanol or diesel, in this ethanol is used rarely. Many forms of fuels are also there in which the car can be able to run, by using it. Instead of fuels, the car will also able to run by using gas. The different types of gases are wood gas and natural gas. To avoid pollution, hydrogen fuels are also used in cars. In foreign countries, only hydrogen fuel-filled cars are only used to avoid pollution and also to keep the cities neat and clean. A combination of petrol and ethanol is also used in some countries like Sweden and Brazil. This mixture is known as gasohol which is used as car fuel.

Cause some congestion:

Even there are many facilities and safeties are available in the cars, if there are any accident takes place means there is a chance of people to get hurt. Also, cars can’t able to move around small areas since the huge surface of the car will cause congestion. Huge traffic will also take place when too many cars meet at the same time by going in the same way. If fuels like petrol and diesel are used in the car means then there will be the chance of getting more air pollution and also the city will be affected by that pollution. If the climate changed means then there is a chance of repair of a car engine will take place.

Early models of the cars:

You alone won’t get affected by the more number of accidents and traffic jams, the other peoples who are traveling in motorbikes, bicycles along with you will have a chance of getting injured. Nowadays old model cars are also there in our day to day life, which will cause more problems to the country by pollution and traffic congestion. Each car must able to balance the vehicle in any situation, since accidents may take place due to that. Also, power steering cars will cause more damage during accidents. If the brake is not properly in the car means then there is a chance of damaging peoples without your knowledge.

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