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Pollution and Their Impact in The Environment

pollution in city

Pollution is making the environment unclean and it is one of the main cause for the global warming. It is said to be the environment as the polluted environment when the natural environment is not suitable to use. Things that are produced against the nature, known as artificial and are used against the nature is what the word “pollution” exactly mean.

Impact on People:

In the total amount of the population, over 200 million of the people are getting affected. It also affects the new born and those who are born in the affected places. The children are affected with lesser IQ with only 30 to 40 points. The expected life span of the population in the affected areas might be 45 years. This is because of the reason which causes cancer and other diseases.

Types of Pollution:

Some of the types of pollution are land, water, air, noise, and light.
⦁ Land Pollution – The garbage of the household and the waste excluded by the industry can cause land to be polluted. The largest component which took a major part in the pollution of the land is the organic material. So the solid waste are said to be more due to the commercial and industrial waste.

⦁ Water Pollution – The water is polluted due to the chemicals used by the industry and also by the additional foreign substances which are added to the water like for example, lead and mercury. The sewage, pest killing pesticides, fertilizers for agricultural land also contaminates the water. In a research around 783 million people are affected due to the unclean water and many people suffer due to the inadequate sanitation.

⦁ Air Pollution – Air is one of the essential components to live but the air is contaminated due to the chemicals and the dust present in the air, this causes many health problems. The components present in the air are made up of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour and inert gases. The pollution occurs when some more chemical components are added or if there is any disturbance in the quantity of the chemicals in natural air. The air contains more dust and extra particles which is unhealthy air.

⦁ Noise Pollution – The noise also affects the environment. The unwanted sound which has been produced by the planes and the factory are also included to cause noise pollution. This is harmful to health which induces stress, high blood pressure, loss of hearing etc.

⦁ Light Pollution – The artificial lights are the major factor for light pollution. Because of this artificial light, birds make sounds in unnatural time. The plant’s flowering process and the growth patterns can be disturbed by artificial light.

Health Problems:

In a survey the cause of health problems is due to the air pollution and gives 6.7 percent death rates across the world. Pollution also causes the weather patterns to change in many countries. The climate also has some variances to produce rain and snow. The harmful material in any form can cause the environment pollution and these are considered as the pollutants. Pollutants are said to be anything which is created by the influence of the human activity. It is better not to go against the nature.

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