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Top 5 Places to Rent & Trade Video Games Online

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With prices rising over $60 a disc, the world of video games has become hefty on the wallet. Instead of shelling out money for titles you do not know are good, look into the top video game rentals online. Five different services offer trading or rentals for multiple consoles including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and classic consoles.

Goozex – Video Game Trading

Using $1.99 “Trade Tokens,” gamers can find and trade a wide variety of titles on the Goozex website. The trading service offers printable postage and personal queues in case a game title you want is unavailable.

The system seems confusing at first, but once you list a few titles, you’ll be trading games pretty quickly. The website also offers a DVD and Blu-Ray trading service.

GameFly – Video Game rentals

One of the most advertized video game rental stores is GameFly. The website offers a free trial to receive video game rentals in the mail. The best part about GameFly is the availability.

New releases are usually mailed out the same day and do not cost any extra premiums. Computer gamers can also enjoy a collection of free download games that come automatically with the account.

Game TZ – The Game Trading Zone

The Game Trading Zone is a completely free forum-based website where gamers can trade old and new titles with other gamers. Once you make an account and add your titles, matches will come up for potential trades.

It’s up to you and the other party to discuss the trade deals with each other before making any final decisions. Even if you don’t have the right title, you can make an offer on the deal.

Redbox – Video Game Rentals

Redbox rental kiosks are available all over the country and are filled with movies and games. Instead of taking a chance on titles in a kiosk, you can use their online website to find the exact game title and location. When you create an account game rentals are cheaper than getting them directly.

Blockbuster Total Access – Online Game Rentals

Much like GameFly, Blockbuster Total Access offers video games through the mail. The games come at no extra charge with a subscription. If you have a retail Blockbuster location near you, you can exchange the game into the store for a free movie rental.

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