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Wario Ware: Smooth Moves Game Review

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Those creative geniuses at Nintendo have done it again. With all of the Wii’s critics already being silenced, Nintendo has set out to create a gaming library that utilizes the potential for the hit next-gen system. “Wario Ware: Smooth Moves” is the latest installment of the completely off the wall collection of mini games. Ever since it’s first installment on the Nintendo Gamecube, Wario Ware has been one of the leading games in the “party games” genre, and “Smooth Moves” is no exception.

This time around, every single one of the hundreds of mini games within “Wario Ware” is totally interactive. Every time you being another mini game, the game actually tells you the way you have to hold the controller. With Stances like; “The Mohawk, “the Elephant”, “The Waiter”, and the ever so popular “Sketch Artist”, this game is guaranteed to keep you totally entertained for hours on end.

Another huge addition to the game is the game is totally unlockable. You cannot play a mini game unless you unlock it within the one player mode. This adds a certain element of frustration to the game, but with a mini game based title like “Wario Ware”, this makes a great deal of sense. Simply jumping into mini games on this title would be extremely confusing, among other things. With the thirteen different ways to hold the controller, it only makes sense that you are forced to watch the tutorials involved with the stances than blindly playing the game, and probably not playing it right.

But let’s get serious. Most people that are going to buy “Wario Ware: Smooth Moves” are not going to buy it based on the single player modes. The multi-player games are, to say the least, innovative. This game truly lives up to it’s part game title with a plethora of engaging, absurd, random, but most of all fun, multi-player games. And if you do get bored with all of the two player actions the game offers, then you can always shoot back to the one player mode, and take turns!

Regardless of this games total lack of a comprehensible story line, “Wario Ware: Smooth Moves” offers the most fun that any single person could possibly have with the Wii to this point. Nintendo has struck gold with this franchise in general, and this newest installment is no exception. After playing this game through and through one could tell there was only one goal in mind when this game was in development, to make playing the Wii as fun as possible.

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